Drawing of Cerise and Ronan Drawing of Salma and Melly

Ana Baba Book 1: Initial Character Planning

Here are sketches I did a few weeks ago of some of the main characters from my second book! I don't have a working title for this book yet, so I've just been calling it Ana Baba. In theory it’s the first book of what could be several, but I do endeavor to have every book stand alone.

  • Cerise - the protagonist, 14, and beginning her first year of magic school out of the country. She left home because she didn't want to follow in her famous family's musical footsteps. She accidentally brought a cat to school with her on the train (breaking school rules!), and now she can't send him back.
  • This cat is named Moss, who is inspired by the incredibly fluffy black neighborhood cat that lives behind my home. Moss, much like his real life counterpart, is a big complainer.
  • Ronan - Cerise's roommate and new best friend, though she’s reluctant to agree. He's a selkie that hates the sea, he’s incredibly high energy, and he keeps losing his seal skin.
  • Melly - Melly was part of a one off short comic script I wrote about witches in college, but I never made the comic. Now she's a 12 year old magical genius who was accepted to school early (much to the chagrin of her older brother, Nigel, who is also starting his first year). She's not particularly interested in any one subject, and she causes a lot of trouble during class as a result.
  • Salma - Originally named Serena, but I swapped their name out when I settled on Cerise as the protagonist. Like Melly, Salma existed a few years ago for a one off comic script I wrote. They're a salamander, very studious, meticulously clean, and they own a collection of wigs because they think it'll help them fit in better at the primarily human academy. Their friendship with their roommate Melly was unlikely, but somehow the two manage.
  • When I have some, I’ll post sketches of the most important professors for the first year class!

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