Art & Other Project Updates: December 2022

Hello! December's update is very small!

I spent most of my creative time this month working on gifts for the holidays, starting a painting on canvas (which, it turns out, I kind of hate using?), and picking up embroidery for the first time. I did three practice hoops, and I am working on a fourth going into January. I'm not going to post photos of those because none of them are my designs, but maybe I'll have some original embroidery to show in 2023. We'll see!

I have discovered that I really like the medium, and I find needlework fairly relaxing, but I struggle with knowing what to do with a hoop once it's done...? I think I would prefer to fit the cloth into little frames...??

The most notable thing I want to share from December was attempting to use gouache for the first time. Here are my first pieces:

I love these, especially the yellow and purple ones. I obviously have no idea what I'm doing with gouache, but I love how thick and bold it feels.

I also revisited this piece from much earlier in the year. There were issues with hand and face proportions that really bothered me, but now I'm much happier with it. I really love drawing Astaire, and I hope I have a chance to write about her sometime.

There are a few WIP pieces I still have rolling into 2023, so I'm sure we'll see those again. I don't really like to make resolutions, but I am hoping to keep pushing for more interesting compositions in 2023. I mentioned last month that I am happy with the progress I made this year, and that is still true!

2022 started off well for me and quickly nosedived into some of the (mentally) hardest months of my life. I'm feeling good going into 2023, so no pressure but we'll see what happens. :)

Have a happy new year, everyone!

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