Art & Other Project Updates: November 2022

This month started with a trip down to Texas to see my partner's parents, which was a lot of fun! We ate so many tacos and some excellent barbecue, and now I live on tofu for the next ten years. I missed the entire first week of NaNoWriMo though, which sort of deflated me for the entire rest of the month. I managed around 15,000 words, which isn't bad at all but is certainly not the win I was hoping for.

Though I should acknowledge that 15,000 words is a lot considering the progress I've made on writing this year (little). I've been so deflated creatively that it's a huge relief to be diving back into my witch world, even if the "dive" is more like a push through molasses.

Best case scenario I will have a draft of Cerise's adventures getting tricked by ghosts done in 2023, but I don't want to overpromise.

At least I got some art done! Here are the finished things from November:

Each of these was an experiment for me with different brushes and textures in Procreate. I am interested in getting better at using inks to create depth and shadow rather than relying on fully coloring every piece. I have always loved inks, but I read an awesome comic this month called Bird King, and the artist, CROM, does a masterful job of portraying scenes the way I would love to be able to do.

Hopefully I'll have some room to experiment with that in December (or at least 2023!).

I also have the result of painting over those ink drawings from last month:

I ended up liking these more than I expected, though I think I'd like to try using a paint medium that isn't acrylic. I think gouache will be next, though I can't even begin to guess when I'll start dipping further into it. It's possible that I've also started trying out some fiber arts does anyone have the free time for multiple hobbies?

Next, I revisited an old drawing from 2013 for a paint over (by which I mean I painted directly over top the original piece; I didn't start fresh):

a witch holds a book open while blue light spills out

2013 version

a witch holds a book open while blue light spills out (but more polished)

2022 version

When I first drew this piece in 2013 I thought I was amazing, which is funny now because I think this is one of my weakest (finished) drawings from that year. I'm not going to claim it's my best piece from 2022 either, but I did have fun coming back to it.

Finally, if you follow me on cohost you may also have seen me draw this little guy:

a wizard in mushroom colored robes presses his hand against the inside of a flask

He's a potions wizard, only he messed up.

That's all for now! I hope to have more to report next month, but as with all holiday seasons things get busy very fast. See ya!

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