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Art & Other Project Updates: October 2022

I've had a lot happening this month!

The largest was the creation of this website, which took about a week of all my free time. The last time I even looked at HTML was back in my tumblr days, which ended around 2013/2014. I'm definitely still riding the high of trying and succeeding at something new.

Now for art stuff:

I finished painting a sketch I've had on hold for a while of Lin and Aliya from one of my books (see right). I like how it turned out, but I also would like to push my painting ability a little further in the coming year. There is a lot of playing with unusual colors that I used to do in 2013 and feel like I've forgotten, but I'm hoping I can sort of claw that back.

In other news, I also sketched out about 7 pages for a short comic just to dip my toes into the medium. In 2013 I tried and gave up on four different comics because I thought they were too much work to be sustainable. I still think they're too much work to be sustainable--comic artists are amazing. But I've been struggling so hard to write prose lately that a change of pace felt like a fun idea.

Anyway, here's a couple of other finished and pending things from October:

Mavon and the cyclops is a 2013 or 2014 sketch I revived just for fun. With the demons and the lightning pieces I'm really just trying to push into slightly more interesting and challenging compositions. I think that's where my greatest weakness lies in art, and I'm working on it!

Finally, this month I started a charcoal drawing class at the community college in town because my last formal art class was in eighth grade. I want to pick up some fundamentals I never really learned, and I hope I will have more to say about that next month! In general I've been trying to use more traditional media supplies this month than I usually would because...I bought them.

The below images are some of my traditional work in progress pieces. I plan to paint over both of these, but I'll preserve the inks here for posterity just in case I ruin them completely.

ink drawing of a girl pushing a motorcycle into the wind

Vri from Falling Worlds, in a dream

ink drawing of a girl cross-legged with roller skates

Something brighter/more bubbly than I usually do

As a final gift, here are the most important panels from the comic thumbnails I did:

panel 1: character sips water, panel 2: character beams at the camera

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