My commissions are currently CLOSED. If you would like to inquire about a custom piece, please email me.

Below is my general pricing scheme, though prices can change based on complexity.

Full Body, Color - $80

Includes simple background and/or transparent file of a single character.

I can also provide a more complicated background, which will require a custom quote. Each additional character is another $25 up to three, after which will require a custom quote.

left: Tharja from Fire Emblem sits on a stack of books; right: three final fantasy xiv characters stand together

Avatars - $20

Includes simple color background and/or transparent file of the character.

a 3x2 grid of avatar samples

Logo/Branding - $150+

All requests for logo or professional work will require a custom quote. This includes art intended for branding, commercial use, reproduction on merchandise, etc.

left: a robot logo with a blue afro; right: three characters inside banners saying 'Hail and Well Met guild of Adventurers'

Terms of Service

You As the Commissioner

  • May upload work done for you anywhere with credit to me and a link back to my website.
  • May edit my work without permission as long as credit for the drawing is still given to me.
  • Have free use of characters designed for you as part of the commission process.
  • This means you may draw, write about, modify, or have another artist reproduce the character freely.
  • May not reproduce the image on merchandise or make prints of my work for the purpose of selling it unless otherwise negotiated with me.
  • Commercial use illustrations will require an additional fee. Merchandise or prints created for personal use is allowed.
  • As the Artist

  • I retain the right to distribute, reproduce and copy my work as I see fit for sales or self promotion.
  • I do not retain the rights to a character owned by the commissioner, but I do retain the rights to the specific piece of art.
  • I reserve the right to cancel at any time. See Refund Policy below.
  • Pricing

  • I reserve the right to change my listed prices and charge extra for complicated characters. What I consider “complicated” is at my discretion.
  • Listed price for additional characters cover up to three total characters. Any commissions involving more than three characters requires a custom quote.
  • Pricing will be agreed upon by both parties before the work is started.
  • Payment

  • Payment is due in full up front for any orders equal to or below $40. For more expensive pieces, I can accept half payment up front and the other half upon completion.
  • No work will be completed until at least partial payment has been sent, and the commission may be dropped if the commissioner fails to respond within 72 hours.
  • Edits and Changes

  • Commissions will have a sketch approval stage. I will not begin coloring or drawing line art unless the sketch is approved.
  • I will make any requested changes at no cost, provided the change does not entail drawing an entirely new illustration.
  • Any edits beyond the sketch phase will incur additional costs.
  • Before I shade an image I will present flat colors to be approved. It is the commissioner’s responsibility to correct character errors at this point.
  • Once an image is complete, I charge $10 minimum to recolor an entire image.
  • Minor adjustments will be made freely, and the definition of “minor” is up to my discretion.
  • If a color mistake occurs anyway and is my fault, I will happily recolor the image at no cost to the commissioner.
  • Refund Policy

  • I do not issue refunds, partial or full, on work once completed.
  • I will issue partial refunds for commissions canceled by the client before completion. Refund amount will be decided by me based on the time spent on the work in progress. A full refund will be given if I have not started.
  • If I cancel a commission in progress for any reason, I will issue a full refund.
  • I will retain all rights to the work, if any, that has been completed. The commissioner does not reserve the right to post, use, or edit any work that has been completed.