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    Posted blog post. Updated some of the page headers with new, fun artwork.


    Added some recent pieces to illustration gallery. Wrote a blog post.


    Minor page updates. I tried (am trying?? succeeded???) to add a link for an email list without it being awkward. No current plans for newsletter shenanigans, but I figure the option doesn't hurt for the future.

    My tendonitis is getting better, but I miss making art.


    Posted on the blog announcing my INPRNT page.


    Added two pieces to the illustration page. Posted April updates on blog.


    Added a piece to the illustration page and updated the blog for January. Also updated page layout on blog and site updates pages to hide older entries.

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  • 12.20.2022

    Added a piece to the illustration page. Added an updated photo to the CATalogue!


    Added a blog post about charcoal class. Also overhauled all of my blog and blog image filepaths to nest under a 2022 folder for future proofing. Also updated the RSS feed, so I'm sorry to anyone who got spammed by my posts a few times.


    Added a blog post with art from November. Also modified CATalogue to include Void's official name (!!) and entries for two cats without photos.

    Happy NaNoWriMo rest time to all who observe. :)


    Added a blog post with art from October. Happy Halloween!


    Updated entire site to be responsive on mobile. I hope to never do that again; every moment was suffering.


    Added the start of a blog consisting of posts transferred from my old website and tumblr. Constructed an RSS feed for the blog. Rearranged some small design elements on other pages (removed footer, removed link to Instagram).


    Fleshed out a portion of the writing page. Added this updates page and also a sitemap for fun. Current remaining project is to create and fill out a blog page for art posts.


    Finished gallery page. Removed the hover feature because it wasn't loading very well. Finished all of the alt text for the gallery and remaining site pages. Added the CATalogue.


    Got the writing page working, though it's barebones. Replaced all images on site with JPEG files because I remembered how websites work. Got a gallery in place, but all of the images load terribly, and I need to write all the alt text.


    Finalized "About Me" page after spending too many hours figuring out how to just make an image sit on the left.


    Began creating this web page using sadgrl's layout builder. Thank you so much for providing this!

    Tricked ya!

    There is no 2021! And there never was!

    Please don't make us go back to 2020.