Active Projects

Here's the hub for all of the writing pieces I'm currently working on.

If you're looking for something shorter form, I have a blog for occasional posts about art or project development.

The Witch Protectorate Duology

These novels follow Clary Tautanham and Aliya Ravenbone as they strive to protect Anteria's regular folk from magical threats.

The Witch Protectorate of the West
The Genius Witch Aliya Ravenbone
a witch clutching a pointed hat looks over her shoulder, surrounded by rose bushes

The Witch Protectorate of the West

Sixteen-year-old Clary Tautanham never wanted to do magic. Tending flowers is more her speed. When her parents send her on an apprenticeship with Madame Magnifico, the Witch Protectorate of the West, Clary is determined to coast for a few years and then head back home. The problem is, Clary arrives to find her teacher murdered—and now she’s got the job.

Clary quickly learns that Madame Magnifico left behind a mess: the people don’t trust her, and the country’s greatest wizard, Vincent Carvello, wants her out. Soon the city will be flooded with witches for the quinquennial Convocation, where Clary is expected to present her last five years of research as the Witch Protectorate. If only she had any!

With one month until the Convocation, Clary will have to figure out this witch business, solve a few murders, and decide: can she protect the west?

Status: Querying

three friends crowd around a golden bird whose tail is on fire

The Genius Witch Aliya Ravenbone

Fifteen-year-old Aliya Ravenbone is supposed to be the next Witch Protectorate. She has it all: the magical genius, the famous family, the cushy apprenticeship. Then the Witch Protectorate picks her rival as heir to the position, and suddenly witchcraft doesn’t look so inviting. When a pair of famous royal wizards some calling, Aliya leaps to join them.

But wizardry isn’t as grand as it promised, and before long Aliya finds herself in over her head, trapped in the royal towers, and playing mother to a bird of legend.

Aliya will have to decide: what price would she pay to regain her freedom?

Status: On Hold

Ana Baba's Large School for Small Folk

Stories about Cerise Brighton, her cat, and her friends at a magical school for witches.

The Haunting of Cerise Brighton
The Search for the Rowan Branch
a girl reaches out a hand to a smiling ghost while the cat beside her looks frightened

The Haunting of Cerise Brighton

Cerise Brighton is thirteen-years-old and never wants to see a piano again. Her family, a long line of famous musicians, is waiting for her big debut. But Cerise just wants to be a witch.

Equipped with a cat, a book and a bunch of old quills, she enrolls in western Anteria’s famous University to find her own way.

Status: Early Revising

a girl holds a knife in front of her face; inside the blade a different face is reflected

The Search for the Rowan Branch

Fourteen-year-old Cerise Brighton’s second year at western Anteria’s University for witches might be too magical. Her homework is piling into mountains, the ghosts hiding in the rafters have started appearing in her bedroom, and the one man who knew how to wrangle the dead has vanished.

Status: Early Drafting

Percolating Projects

These stories are all in various states of completion, but if you're curious about where my characters come from, this is the place for answers.

Falling World
Dara & Wendell
Demons & Astaire
three drawings spliced together: a knight, a monk, and a woman all in black

Falling World

This property is the one that's been around since I was a small child. As a teenager I used to rewrite the same story every few years, always beginning with a girl who couldn't stop herself from walking through walls and a boy terrified of people's emotions.

Now the tale is split between a struggling mage knight-in-training (who still can't stop herself from walking through walls), a monk dedicated to the wrong god, and an assassin determined to murder the pantheon.

The boy who feared emotions ran away to the desert to race lizards, where he lived happily ever after and certainly wouldn't get wrapped up in anyone else's plot.

Status: Planning

a boy and girl sit against a log, surrounded by heavily inked woods and fog

Dara & Wendell

In 2013 I thought this story would be a webcomic, but it's 2022 now and I still only have the four pages I started ten years ago. Hmmmm.

Dara and Wendell were my first real drawing obsessions. Before them I mostly drew fanart for Fire Emblem and Little Witch Academia. Over the last ten years their story has gone a lot of placesin my head, and I hope one day I'll finally pin it to the board.

Importantly, the blob creatures are named Ferdinand (aka Nandy) and Moon.

Status: Sketching

a demon leans with arms crossed against a throne where another demon reclines with a grin

Demons & Astaire

Astaire Oeillade was born after I saw the movie Inframan for the first time. There's an awesome demon princess with a sidekick who has eyes in the palms of her hands, but I thought a single, extra pair of eyes wasn't enough.

Astaire is Chiroptera the Demon Lord's right hand: their loving gaze; their loathing stare. Crysanthemum, my second purple-haired demon who wears tattoos like a suit, is Chiro's left hand.

And the Demon Lord themself is the weight that ties them both to the underworld.

Status: Daydreaming